93 Rock Man Card

Man Card Utopia!

In order to receive all the 'manly' opportunities that go along with possession of said Man Card, apply below! After significant scrutiny, and some potential poking and prodding (to test your manliness), you may be rewarded with this highest honor "The Man Card".

Card Rules

Oh and BTW... before you decide that you're manly enough for one of these, here are the 93ROCK Man Card Rules.

  1. You do not talk about The Man Card.
  2. You must have your Man Card on you at all times, except when showering or naked for unknown reasons.
  3. You must never admit to getting a spray-on tan.
  4. You may never ask for directions.
  5. At any given time, a Man Card holder must be able to recite Aaron Rodgers' stats.

Any Questions? Email us.

Report Mancard Violations to Jason.Hillery@93RockOn.com

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