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The Hammer

On Air:
Saturday, 6am - 9am; Sunday, 6am - 10am
  • Hammer is one of the newest additions to the 93 Rock air staff, but he is no stranger to the music / entertainment biz. Other than being on the air, The Hammer is the driving force behind 2 of the regions premier bands, playing drums all over the midwest for Replica, and WAMI award winning Separate Ways (a Journey tribute act). Prior to playing music for a living, he was a “roadie” for some of the worlds most iconic bands, like KISS, Ozzy and The Rolling Stones to name a few: “I thank God that what I do for a living is still fun, I mean really, play music in front of thousands, talk on the radio, AND get paid?! What more could a guy ask for?” The Hammer is currently residing in Green Bay with his wife of 20 yrs and 2 teenage daughters, and an 80 lb lap dog named Max.