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  • Joe Gunn

    On Air: Weekdays, Midnight - 5am

    Joe Gunn is an American entrepreneur and former pornographic star, who has been called the world's most famous adult-entertainment ...

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  • The Bob and Tom Show

    On Air: Monday - Saturday, 5am - 9am

    Wake up to the best morning show in the country! Bob & Tom are well known for their charitable work. The ...

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  • Burnzy

    On Air: Weekdays, 9am - 1pm; Saturday, 9am - 2pm; Sunday, 10am - 2pm

    I went from a Walkman to a degree in radio, just from listening to a Police tune. My first musical ...

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  • Amber Lee

    On Air: Weekdays, 1pm - 6pm; Saturday, 7pm - Midnight

    I love music. Some of my earliest memories are of going through my parents’ records and cassettes, and listening to ...

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  • Jason Hillery

    On Air: Weekdays, 6pm - 8pm; Sunday, 10am - 2pm

    I am aspiring to be the Mayor of East De Pere... is it possible to 'Mayor' half a city? I ...

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  • Sixx Sense

    On Air: Weekdays, 8pm - Midnight

    93 Rock is the new home for Nikki Sixx, and his nightly radio show... SIXX SENSE The show is co-hosted ...

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  • Sarah Marx

    On Air: Saturday & Sunday, Midnight - 5am

    I started my career in radio in 1997. I remember the radio was always on growing up, and I loved ...

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  • The Hammer

    On Air: Saturday, 6am - 9am; Sunday, 6am - 10am

    Hammer is one of the newest additions to the 93 Rock air staff, but he is no stranger to the ...

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  • Louie

    On Air: Sunday, 7pm - Midnight

    I'm a natural born Yooper but raised in Detroit where I heard some of the greatest radio stations and ...

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  • Ryan Fantozzi

    On Air: Weekends, 2pm - 7pm

    Birthplace: Huron, Ohio Graduate of UWGB in 2010. Favorite sports teams: Green Bay Packers, Ohio State Buckeyes, Cleveland Indians, Milwaukee ...

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  • NEW Weekend

    On Air: Sunday, 5am - 6am

    Our weekly public affairs program that addresses issues and needs in our area communities.

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  • Samantha

    On Air: Saturdays, 9am - 2pm

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